Collect member satisfaction data consistently in a way that doesn’t annoy them. Use the responses proactively to improve your space.

We deliver a simple NPS overlay to the Seeable web and mobile app members can complete in seconds. Seeable’s systematic approach to tracking member satisfaction means we can alert immediately to issues, allowing you to take proactive action

2. Expectation vs Reality Check

Once the member has settled in it’s best to ask them has the reality of your space aligned with what they expected. A big gap either way needs addressing.

4. Moving Out

All good things come to end and once a member is flagged for leaving we conduct one final survey. The reason someone is leaving can be invaluable feedback.

1. Just Started

Shortly after a member joins we will ask them for feedback –  allowing you to address any immediate issues and potentially improve your onboarding process for future members.

3. Pulse Check

We will then settle down to a regular bimonthly (8 weeks) pulse check, allowing you to track satisfaction over time.

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