Monetize your space with conference room booking

Let your members book conference rooms without asking you for help or approval


Members can use our web or mobile app to book rooms at your space. You decide who gets access and what rules apply (think: prices, acceptable length, cancellation policies, credits). Your customers can easily book spaces for them, see their peers bookings and a running summary of costs. Privacy is also respected with no access to other companies’ booking details.

Make sure all bookings are at the palm of all visitor’s hands thanks to the kiosk app


A lot of meeting happen ad-hoc. Your goal is to make it super easy to tell if the room is available or not and for how long. You also want to build a culture of fair usage and respect for rules. You can achieve all of the above thanks to our kiosk app that shows each room’s free-busy and runs smoothly on any tablet device on the market.

Host external meetings at your space and make them bookable through your website


Have you ever been called by a non-member and asked if they could host a meeting / event at one of your rooms? To enable this additional source of revenue for your business, Seeable offers a calendar widget embeddable on your website letting anybody book a space with you. Rest assured, we also help with billing those one-off bookings and make sure you get a chance to convert those ad-hoc customers to full time members.

Staff room booking made seamless


Your staff needs a way to monitor room booking utilisation as well as quickly answer member questions about available rooms. Seeable’s room booking office offers just that, plus an ability to edit / refund bookings, take down a space for renovation works or book repeating community events like yoga classes or CEO lunches.

Bonus points for optimisations!


Seeable’s optimisation engine helps you manage everything conference room related. We suggest prices, scheduling and cancellation policies. We help decide on the number of conference rooms and their layout. We dynamically suggest converting a room to an office if the demand gets consistently smaller or adding more rooms if the other way around. We can automatically order the rooms in a way that customers can easily find what they’re looking for while you’re optimising overall utilisation.