Want to become master of first impressions?


Day one of your coworking experience is one of the most critical – new members need to start smoothly while making sure all the paperwork is complete.


Gathering important information about your members.

There’s a vibrant community as part of your space, right? Take this opportunity to ask new comers for their personal information like name, role, short bio or even a t-shirt size if you’re giving away merch as a welcome gift. Use that data to create a personalised user profile that can be shared with the rest of the community, send out an introduction email or in any other way you make sure all members feel included.

Making members sign / approve documents you need.

First things first, make sure your members are fine with you sending them ongoing communication – an onboarding form is the perfect place to ask for the permission. Next, you may want to ask for acceptance of privacy policy and community rules. Finally, internet fair usage policy? Terms of service? We got you covered. All of them can be automatically sent to your new joiners in a form that is easy to read through, accept and give feedback on.

*we’re also ready help drafting any of the documents for you using industry’s best practices

  • You may share the form with all new members individually or share with the CEO and ask for redistribution.
  • You may choose to send it out a week or a day before the company moves in.
  • You may decide to use email, SMS or push notification right after members install your app.
  • Send all documents in a single message, send separate messages or even group them by topic.
  • Suggest job titles / roles of existing / past members to newcomers to ease selection.
  • Cluster members by role / area of expertise and automatically introduce new members to like minded people.
  • These are just examples of what our optimisation engine may suggest for you to try to improve your response rates.