Coworking software is broken. We’ve fixed it

Only Seeable gives you a complete Coworking Platform that uses your data to regularly show you opportunities to drive growth and revenue

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Acquire Members
Close more deals using Smart Tour. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are your unfair advantage
Increase Profits
We’ll show you where to optimize your business by doing the data analysis heavy lifting for you – freeing you up to focus on what matters to your members
Engage Members
Integrated Member Satisfaction polling means you can proactively respond to feedback. Make the move before they do!
Your data + our expertise = win!
By constantly analyzing your data we will regularly show you opportunities to make your space even more successful.
Your unfair advantage
It’s the moment of truth – when you close the deal! Time it was taken seriously! Using AI and ML we present touring times when you’re most likely to win the business. Using our widget schedule a tour immediately, leaving no time for a competitor to beat you to it. Of course we also send automatic reminder emails, follow-up emails and more.
..and yet NO.OTHER.PLATFORM does this! Seeable asks the classic NPS question without friction. Then we can alert you, correlate scores and so much more – leading to happier members that stay for longer
Bread and butter
Look let’s be honest, everyone has to do this – it’s not a game changer – we like ours better than the others – but then we would say that wouldn’t we?

Impress your customers
All Seeable customer touch points come with your brand’s look and feel and can be hosted under your domain of choice. 

“The app is fantastic in day to day space management. It’s intuitive and very clear. I highly recommend it!”


Dorota Ruchała, Co-Founder


Starting a coworking space?

There are a number of key metrics that can tell you whether one location or another is the best choice and some key pieces of location-specific information that you must know before you open your space. Fill in the simple form and we’ll use the Seeable Engine to predict how successful a space will be.
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✔︎ Free 30-day trial   ✔︎  Easy setup   ✔︎ Cancel anytime