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As a sales leader how do you know

who is the best salesperson for this prospect

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Seeable leverages your data to match prospects to the salesperson most likely to win the business

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A prospect browses through your website. Seeable tracking solution analyses visitor’s behavior building a profile. This includes demographics, pages visited and time spent on your website.

The prospect begins booking, our proprietary algorithm, based on what we’ve learnt, computes optimal times and salespeople to handle the meeting about to be scheduled.

The prospect remains in the driving seat and can select the time and date of the meeting. We gently steer the person towards slots identified as maximising the probability of making the deal, taking into account availability of the most promising salespeople for this particular case.

With the optimal date and time booked, your prospect is presented with the algorithmically chosen salesperson’s details. The meeting is booked, calendar invites sent – no further confirmation required.

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